Its just the beginning for Team Mable

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Team Mabeline have a busy couple of days gradually morphing into Team Mable. I’m actually feeling quite sad that we won’t be spending so much time with our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor but also excited about getting on with life and learning through our experiences.

Yesterday Team Mabeline did a completely new route from the bus stop near my parents to and from their house. It was good to try a new route with our GDMI supporting us as I had to work out the safest crossing points and teach Fable where the bus stops and crossings were. Its good to know that in the future when we need to do new routes I’ll be able to do this.

Fable had some fun in my parents garden after our walk and enjoyed playing with my nephew who is loving learning all about Guide Dogs. We also popped into the Guide Dogs Office to drop off my signed Agreement form. It was lovely to see the team who originally did my assessments and I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future. The team that Fable came from was out of area and so my GDMI will follow up with us for a while but we will be handed over to my local team once they are happy with us. They gave Fable an “interesting” looking present; I think its the rubber bit used to milk cows but the dogs love to play with them, supervised of course.

Yesterday evening was a quiet one spent with Fable on what has affectionately become known as our cuddle cushion. I was fed up of getting a numb bum sitting on the floor for cuddles so bought us a  massive floor cushion which is brilliant, we do love our cuddles 🙂

Today Fable and I did our first independent walk from home to the vets which is about three quarters of the way to work. Our GDMI was observing us from her car so if we got into difficulty and needed her help I could call her. We didn’t though and Fable did some great work with curbs, over head obstacles, finding crossings and even a bin for me to dispose of her poop bag! She kept a good pace with no sniffing. I loved it and found myself smiling a lot as I walked along in the sunshine, that would never have happened before, I just wanted to get from A and B as quickly as possible. Fable was brilliant in the vets and the vet assured us that her little bald patches are nothing to worry about so that’s good news.

We came home and had some fun the garden with our GDMI who showed me some more obedience work to do incorporating toys and work off the lead which I’m looking to trying out. Fable has a lovely new red, reflective collar to match her haulti, which was a present from a very special person; you know who you are and thank you!

The funny anecdote for the day is that with Guide Dog Fable I made it safely to and from the vets but once we got home and she was off duty I managed to fall out of my front door! No major infuries, just a sore ankle but I clearly can’t be let out on my own 🙂

I’ve just sat down and written my thank you cards to Fable’s puppy walkers and borders during her training. I hope they are proud of Fable; these people and many like them do an amazing job ensuring that future Guide Dogs are obedient, have gentle temperaments and are exposed to many social situations early in their life. A special thank you to all the volunteer puppy walkers and boarders, without you Guide Dogs couldn’t do the life-changing work they do and I wouldn’t have my Fable.

We have an action packed weekend planned; tomorrow we are doing our first free run without our GDMI! I am lucky enough to have some awesome friends who are coming with us tomorrow so lets hope the cheese continues to work its magic.

Sunday we are going to go the gym; a short session for me but I think we both need to pace ourselves. Then Fable and I are taking my Mum and Dad out for Sunday lunch to thank them for all their support and for building the fence so Fable can have access to a safe outside area.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress next week as we start to work on our regular routes to work etc more independently.

Have a good weekend 🙂


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