Fable really goes to work. 


Just a quick one today, and a cute photo of Fable aged 6 weeks old, which was sent to me from the lady who has her Mum; known as a Brood Bitch Holder. We found each other via a closed group on social media and I’m really grateful to her for this photo of a baby Fable. 

This morning we did the second of our controlled traffic sessions: Fable is pretty consistently either ignoring my forward command or stopping appropriately when there is approaching traffic from our near side or far side. She also did really well with traffic turning into the side road we were crossing, both from behind and in front. She also stopped brilliantly when the car being driven but another GDMI drove into a driveway just in front of us. It’s great to know she can do this if I ever make a mistake crossing roads but I won’t forget our safety is my responsibility. 

This afternoon we did the other half of my journey to work. In total it’s just over 2 miles each way (Fable and I will both be loosing some weight soon I hope). We had done the first half and now need to put both bits together but it would have been too much to do both ways and introduce Fable to a busy hospital environment all at once. 

Working her on harnes through the busy corridors was really nice as I find this quite difficult when’s it’s busy. We went to my office and my colleagues were brilliant; they didn’t give Fable any attention which allowed our GUide Dog Mobility Instructor and I to get her settled under my desk with a tie line, blanket and water. We left her in the office with a colleague for a few minutes while we went to find a good place to spend her and apparently she didn’t move or even make a squeak – my little superstar! It’s funny, situations where you think she’ll take advantage and push the boundaries she doesn’t,  but at other times she takes full advantage to be a bit naughty and needs a firm correction. 

Tomorrow will be an exciting day as for the first time we are allowed to go for a little walk around the block using the harness without our GDMI!!

Watch this space for tomorrow’s update 🙂 


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