Fable and the cheese…..



Today has been a really exciting and positive day. This morning my Guide Dog Mobility Instructor taught me how to do physical checks on Fable. These include checking her eyes, nose, mouth and ears for anything unusual. I was also advised to check her bottom and volva! This is such a magical time 🙂  I have to admit that once our GDMI had gone I had to Google exactly where this was located on a dog, I would upload the diagram but I don’t won’t to upset anyone.

We then went out for a short walk in harness and visited my local shop. She was a bit disappointed with her short walk I think but we made up for it this afternoon: We worked on off road obstacles, both with the road on our left and right. Our GDMI brought what looked like some hurdles but these were used to place an obstacles on the path completely blocking our way, much like a car parked on the pavement, forcing Fable to stop and move to the curb so that we could pass by on the road. Pavement parking is a real hazard for those of us with a visual impairment as it forces us onto the road into the path of sometimes fast moving traffic, I’m not sure if it is actually illegal now but I know Guide Dogs have been campaigning for this as it can be really dangerous. Negotiating off road obstacles really was a team effort; Fable stopped to tell me something was in the way and then moved to the curb, then it was my job to make sure the road was safe and she guided me around a car and straight back to the path. Everyday Fable amazes me!

After this we had a practice of some mini recalls. Guide Dogs need a free run at least once a week like any dog but this is something that has been worrying me a bit; how will I see her, will she come back to me? Our GDMI guided us through this by using a bit cheese as her extra special reward for coming back (who knew dogs liked cheese)? We started doing this on a long lead and then progressed to our GDMI holding the lead while Fable raced back to me, I think Fable made our GMDI work quite hard 🙂 Fable was so good at waiting when I instructed and so speedy at coming on my whistle that we managed to get a couple done with her off lead, just in the grounds of my flats but even so she did really well. It was lovely to see her bounding towards me and I now feel a lot happier about recalls and am looking forward to our first free run.

I’ve attached a photo of Fable playing with her monkey which my mum repaired today; she was so quiet while I sent some work emails,  but when I looked round I noticed his nose was now a massive hole. I have just spend the last 15 minutes de-stuffing a pink monkey, simply removing the squeaker wasn’t enough! I’m really looking forward to the arrival of some tougher toys for her, I feel so mean taking them away.


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