A successful day for team Mabeline :-)

Before I start I should probably explain that team Mabeline is a combination of our names; mine, Fable and our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor), apparently it’s a guide dog tradition and I’m particularly pleased with our team name 😊

Today has been a very positive day:  Fable has seemed much more bonded to me today, following me around a lot this morning. We had a lovely cuddle this morning as you can see from the photo, she feel asleep on my lap.


There was a bit of a price to pay for this bonding; this morning I think she was a bit bored (we weren’t due to train until the afternoon to give her a rest and a chance to settle)  and I think she was testing me by whining at the door, pacing around etc. I think she was ready to do something constructive!

Our harness walk this afternoon was brilliant! She was much more confident and eager to work than she was yesterday. Her speed was perfect and she really listened to me. We practiced stopping at curbs, indenting slightly and turning right. She has a tendency to cross roads on a diagonal to save time which is absolutely something I would do too but we both need to learn not to cut corners.

Once again she is completely exhausted and crashed out on her bed, it really is such hard work for a young dog in a completely new environment. I can now see why this training is done in short bursts over a few weeks; it requires a lot of concentration for me so I can only imagine how it feels for fable who is not only learning to guide me but is settling into a new home with a new person.


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