Meet Fable

Just a quick one today to introduce Fable! 

I’m training from home not residentially, so her trainer brought her to me today along with a large amount of dog paraphernalia – chewing bones, various collars and leads, a grooming kit, food  and what looks like a half dead toy cat (which she   seems to love)! 

I have been taught basic obedience, feeding and toileting; the major achievement of the day so far was Fable relieving herself before her trainer left (it’s a rock n roll life) 😊

Putting on the holty collar and shortening and lengthening the lead is proving to be an interesting challenge; I’ve never seen so many clips – thankfully Fable is being very patient with me. 

So she is now very calm and content napping on her bed and we are ready for an evening of chilling with a girlie box set. 

Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep! 




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